Flatulence Causes and Cures

How to Stop FartingExcessive flatulence can become a real problem in your life affecting your working day, your social time and your personal relationships. I know it used to be an issue for me. To put it really simply, people don’t like being around people that fart too much.

I didn’t want to be one of those people anymore, so I looked into all of the causes of flatulence and then started researching the corresponding flatulence cures.

I found some quick and natural remedies that would usually stop bloating and gas in short time. But it soon became clear that excessive flatulence is really just another symptom of larger problems with digestion and elimination. Problems that often only get worse and begin impacting your overall health and well being, leading to lack of energy, irritability, fatigue and even serious disease.

4 Main Flatulence Causes

General medical literature suggests most people pass wind on average around fourteen times a day. If you’ve got a problem with excessive flatulence you’ll know it can be much more frequent than that.

Scientists believe stomach gas and flatulence comes from four main sources. These flatulence causes are:

  • Swallowing excess air due to rushed eating or drinking, chewing gum, drinking carbonated drinks like soda or beer, and even as an unconscious habit, possibly associated with anxiety.
  • Gas diffusing into our intestines from our bloodstream.
  • Chemical reactions involved in digestion.

While swallowing excess air can cause discomfort with belching, abdominal bloating and stomach cramps, excessive flatulence (particularly those really smelly farts), is often a sign of problems with digestion and an overgrowth or imbalance in the important intestinal bacteria.

Why Do Farts Smell?

Most people would be surprised to learn that the vast majority of the flatus (does anyone else think this is a really silly name for it) is made up of five different gases – hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane and oxygen – that are all virtually odorless. Some estimates say these make up approximately 99% of flatulence gas.

Given this, why do farts often smell so bad? The terrible odor in some flatulence is due to the presence of sulfur containing compounds like hydrogen sulfide (the classic bad egg smell), mercaptans (more of a rotting cabbage smell) and organic compounds such as indole and skatole. All of these are produced by bacteria in the intestine and certain foods, particularly those rich in sulfur, may increase the production of these noxious gases.

Flatulence-cureOther foods like beans are high in certain carbohydrates that we cannot digest well, but that feed the bacteria in the lower intestine very well indeed, creating a lot of flatulence, but usually with less pungent results.

In still other cases, a certain type of food may be a big problem for some people and cause a lot of flatulence, yet others may eat or drink it all day without having problems. The lactose sugar in milk is a common example of this. People who are lactose intolerant will usually have a lot of flatulence, often foul-smelling as well, whenever they have too much dairy. Lactose intolerance is a far more prevalent problem than many people realize.

How Do You Cure Flatulence?

The occasional fart is normal but I’d bet most people reading this far feel their flatulence problem is far from normal. This site can help identify what’s causing the excessive flatulence and then provide the specific solution to help cure it.

Flatulence Cures is organized with posts detailing the various different flatulence causes, followed by some quick flatulence remedies that you can use today to help with intestinal gas, abdominal bloating and farting too much. But ultimately, it’s improving your digestion that gives you the best chance of fixing a flatulence problem on a more permanent basis.

All content on this site can be accessed from the categories and search bar on the right. Please feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed for the latest posts. Wishing everyone reading this more healthiness and much less windiness in future.


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  1. sharon says:

    What is your opinion on digestive enzymes taken with meals? I have been using a broad range supplement that includes enzymes for proteins, starches, fats and dairy.

    • James says:

      Hi Sharon and thanks for your question. I’ve had problems accessing this site, hence my late reply sorry, but digestive enzymes are one of the next on my list to write about. Good broad range digestive enzymes can certainly help with digestion problems, including flatulence, and many people in online forums report extremely positive results with using them.

      All the best.

  2. Karen says:

    Is it possible that you lack or are shirt one of the digestive enzymes? I would like to take care of whatever this is. It is embarrassing and my whole family has done it/had it for years so I can only assume that we all have enzyme issues. Would probiotics work to help?

    • James says:

      Hi Karen and thanks for your question.

      Yes it’s quite possible that low digestive enzymes could be behind flatulence problems. Low stomach acid is also a likely candidate. Taking a digestive enzyme with pepsin for breaking down protein would likely be helpful, particularly if it’s really smelly flatulence that usually results from poor protein breakdown. Probiotics are good to take for intestinal health but may have more benefits from regular but less odorous flatulence.

      I’ll be writing more on all of this in future articles soon.

      Hope this helps.

  3. Vittalanand says:

    Wide discussions have been made about flatulence and carbo hydrates causing them due to two causes.One is due to fermentation of Carbs and another is the effect of bacteria inside large or small intestines.But I am a pure vegetarian and the only non-veg I take is milk and milk products such as curd, Ghee etc. I have been diagnosed with arterial fibrillation and given amolodipine and Telmisartan. I am also being given asprin and Atrovastatin. I have irresistive odorless gas passing at intervals of at most every 30 minutes except while sleeping.(I do not know/aware if I discharge gas in sleep also.) It is discussed in the forum that carbohydrates cause gas when taken inlarge. I would like to know which Indian vegetables cause flatulence so that I may avoid them. But I may add as an Indian,my prime food is rice.

  4. Mary says:

    Could eating lots of egg be the cause of smelly flatulence? I changed my son’s diet recently to exclude rice and potatoes from his diet. I gave him a lot of meat, soup, vegetables (carrots pumpkin and some brocolli) and lots more eggs. Since he started on this diet, his fart becomes so bad and often.

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