4 Important Coffee Replacement Tips

Coffee ReplacementThis page is part 2 of the giving up coffee plan. Please read that first, if you haven’t yet, as this one follows on from it directly.

Better still, start at the beginning of this series on how coffee affects your digestion, for a detailed explanation of why coffee replacement it can have such a dramatic impact on your digestion, the amount of flatulence you experience and your overall health.

4 Helpful Tips When Replacing Coffee

Tip 1. There is a special slow reduction trick you can do with Teeccino that makes it especially good for previously heavy coffee drinkers to use as their replacement drink. Here’s how it works.

For the first day make up your Teeccino with half coffee. So however many scoops of coffee you to used to use, make half of that Teeccino (you use it just the same as normal coffee grounds).

On the following day reduce the amount further, say two fifths coffee and three fifths Teeccino and so on, reducing a bit more each day. This may take a couple of days for light to moderate coffee users, or a week or more for heavy users. Regardless of how many days it takes, the end result is making up your cup of Teeccino caffeine free, with no coffee in it at all.

This slow reduction method can help minimize caffeine withdrawal symptoms while you replace coffee. It also accustomizes you to the taste of Teeccino while maintaining the same drinking ritual. The day you reach your no caffeine cup with this method is a good day to celebrate by throwing out or giving away the last of the coffee in your house.

Tip 2. Go for high quality in your coffee replacement drinks and you’ll enjoy them more and be more likely to stick with them.

There is a huge difference for instance, between a good green tea like this and the low quality green tea they generally sell at the supermarkets.

Peppermint tea is another beverage where there is a big difference in quality, strength and taste. There really is no comparison between the weak, bleached teabags versions usually in the stores and the energizing effect of a really good peppermint tea like Heather’s tummy tea with unbleached teabags.

Ginger tea and chamomile tea are the same. It’s definitely worth a little more for a much better drinking experience, especially at the start of giving up coffee.

Replace CoffeeTip 3. Now’s a good time to work on cutting back on sweetness in your warm drinks.

Sugar gives you a brief rush as it spikes insulin, but then, before long, drops your energy down further than before you used it. Eating lots of sugary foods or drinks during coffee substitution will be likely to exacerbate any caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

If you really do like your drinks sweet, try a small amount of stevia or honey in your green tea or ginger tea.

With Teeccino there are many flavor options so try some of the sweeter varieties in the range rather than adding too much sugar. Mediterranean Mocha and Maya Chocolate have a rich chocolaty flavor and Vanilla Nut is particularly sweet, almost like a Starbucks flavored coffee – only healthy.

For high quality peppermint tea you’d have to have a really sweet tooth to need sweetener in it as it has a naturally sweet taste. Try it without first or add just a drop or two of stevia.

Tip 4. Be gentle on yourself for the first few days of caffeine replacement.

Take regular breaks if you can when working (you can tell them you’re going for a coffee break and just make your replacement instead). Caffeine withdrawal can bring up a few issues for some people that they used to repress with the rushing thoughts of a caffeine high.

I’ve found the Sedona method a huge benefit in my life for letting go of suppressed emotions and for a greater sense of energy and well-being. This may seem pretty unrelated in an article on replacing coffee on a website about digestion and flatulence. But in fact they are all related.

Things that improve our digestion can help reduce our stress levels through better health and an improved sense of well-being. Conversely, things that reduce our stress levels can help improve our digestion, thus reducing digestive problems like bloating and flatulence.

Occasionally, you come across something like coffee that is messing with both our digestion and our stress levels. That’s why it’s so important to replace it with healthier options. There are even more of the best coffee substitutes I’ve found in the page on Replacing Coffee.

That’s enough on coffee replacement for now. Several months without a drop and I really don’t miss it. Find a good alternative to coffee that you enjoy and follow the plan to give it up in the last few pages I doubt you will either.

Next up, let’s have a look at coffee’s even more digestion damaging, caffeine sharing relative – Caffeinated sodas like cola.

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