Where to Buy Activated Charcoal

Carbon Powder for GasActivated charcoal is relatively inexpensive for just how effective it is at relieving gastrointestinal problems and absorbing toxins from our body.

This page lists the best places I’ve found to get activated carbon online in easy to take capsules and bulk food-grade powder.

Tablets or Capsules?

Activated charcoal tablets are popular but I personally prefer capsules for two reasons. Firstly, the capsules will naturally disburse more quickly in your stomach than tablets. As detailed in the last page on how to take charcoal, it’s important to take it on an empty stomach, well away from food, so we can’t rely on a tablet mixing with food to break it up as easily.

Secondly, capsules don’t usually have the binding agents that are required for tablets so you’re getting more of the product for your dollar with capsules versus tablets.

Food-grade Activated Charcoal Capsules

Natures Way make food-grade activated carbon capsules available at Amazon with 100 capsules for under five dollars. This is really good value compared to most other brands.

Another good option is made by Country Life and is also available at a very good price.

For a larger size, Source Naturals have carbon capsules available in a 200 caps bottle at iHerb. As with all iHerb links on this website, there is a $5 discount on your first order at the checkout.

Bulk Powder

For more regular use or to keep an emergency supply for accidental poisoning, the bulk powder provides the best value. You can buy the powder and mix it with water or a little juice for a very inexpensive way to get all the digestive benefits. It’s best to drink this with a straw to avoid getting any on your teeth (then again, some people report brushing your teeth with activated charcoal powder is great for teeth whitening).

Ultra fine, USP medicinal grade activated coconut shell charcoal is available in a 12 ounce resealable pouch at Amazon. This would last even regular users for many months.

For an even larger size, there’ this bulk 16oz food-grade powder with free postage to really stock up.

Activated charcoal can be extremely effective for relieving flatulence problems. It does however have to be taken at certain times and in a certain way that may make it less suited for every day use. Ideally, it is best kept as an occasional, but powerful remedy.

Next is a look at something that is also useful for reducing flatulence while at the same time being enjoyable to drink and beneficial to your digestion in general – Ginger Tea.


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  1. Dianne Mitro says:

    Just wondering how careful should I be when taking activated charcoal, when I also take Synthroid, Hydroxzine, Ranitidine & LansoVitprazole, Celebrex, B2 & B-Complex, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D, Fish cod liver tablets, Vit. E & a one a day.

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks for this excellent post. Could you please explain to me what’s the difference between food grade activated charcoal and industrial grade? What about the acid used to activate the charcoal? Are they still harmful to our body or after the activation, there’s nothing left of the acid used during the process? The reason why I’m asking these questions is I live in Taiwan and couldn’t find any food grade activated charcoal powder locally, there are some imported capsules but the prices are very high. The only powder I found here is sold for external use (soap, mascara, etc.). So I’m wondering if I can use this one instead.

    Thanks for your help/suggestion.

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