The Positive Effects of Peppermint Tea on Bloating and Gas

Uses for mint teaThe effects of peppermint tea are generally lighter and gentler than peppermint oil capsules. The tea is very refreshing, doesn’t need to be sweetened and has a real ‘pick me up’ effect whenever you drink it.

More importantly, peppermint tea can be very beneficial for your digestive system and help alleviate problems like bloating, stomach gas and flatulence.

Peppermint has relaxant and antispasmodic properties and can help relieve cramps and spasms in the gastrointestinal tract, bile duct and gallbladder.

This improves the passage of both food and swallowed air through the digestive tract, allowing them to go through smoothly and without pain or discomfort.

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Peppermint Oil, Digestion & How to Make Farts Smell Better

Better smelling flatulence Peppermint oil is derived from the Mentha Piperita plant. Its leaves are collected, lightly dried and steam distilled to extract the essential oil.

Potent and great smelling, peppermint oil is a very useful substance for aiding digestion, relieving stomach gas and bloating, reducing the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), preventing nausea, letting go of stress, helping with respiratory problems and stopping bad breath.

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How to Stop Swallowing Air

Stop-Swallowing-AirThere are many potential causes of excessive hiccups, regular belching and mild aerophagia (swallowing air) so it’s important to identify the primary culprit or culprits for you personally.

Start by eliminating the simpler known causes for a few days and notice whether the symptoms lessen.

It’s worth keeping a note of the following suggestions for how to stop swallowing air and mouth breathing.

By tracking the results you get from avoiding a potential cause for several days, and especially reintroducing it, you can pin down why you are swallowing air excessively and reduce or eliminate it.

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Aerophagia — Why Swallowed Air Causes Digestion Problems

Mouth breathingThe simple definition of aerophagia is when you swallow too much air into your gastrointestinal tract.

Most people swallow a little air when speaking, eating or drinking. But in cases of aerophagia, the amount of swallowed air is so large it can cause abdominal bloating, intestinal pain and excessive burping and belching.

The majority of swallowed air is usually burped back out, but with excessive mouth breathing the air may regularly pass from the stomach into the small intestine. When you’re lying down this amount is likely to increase.

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The Benefits of Eating Slowly for Better Health

Slow-foodWhen we eat slowly and chew our food properly it can help us to smell better in some surprisingly varied ways. Proper digestion affects not just issues with flatulence but also problems with bad breath and poor body odor in general.

The smaller and better we can chew up our meal, the easier we make proper digestion for our stomach. Which in turn, makes it easier for our small intestine to absorb more of our food and its nutrients. Which leaves less of it undigested for the bacteria in our large intestine to feed on.

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How Eating Too Fast Causes Bloating and Flatulence

Food-too-fastThere are several reasons why eating too fast can be one of the major causes of stomach gas, bloating and flatulence. The most obvious one is poor digestion, but eating too quickly can cause other digestive problems as well.

Digestion is a long series of processes, each with their part to play, each reliant on the one before.

Rushing down our meals misses out on the important first steps of chewing the food thoroughly to break it down to a more usable size and state for the stomach. It also reduces the amount of saliva and its enzymes that are mixed into the food to begin digesting it.

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Flatulence Causes and Cures

Bloating and GasExcessive flatulence can become a real problem in your life affecting your working day, your social time and your personal relationships. I know it used to be an issue for me. To put it really simply, people don’t like being around people that fart too much.

I didn’t want to be one of those people anymore, so I looked into all of the causes of flatulence and then started researching the corresponding flatulence cures.

I found some quick and natural remedies that would usually stop bloating and gas in short time. But it soon became clear that excessive flatulence is really just another symptom of larger problems with digestion and elimination.

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