How to Make Strong Ginger Root Tea at Home

Ginger root slices for teaHomemade ginger tea is simple to make and delicious to drink, with a warming and soothing flavor and many potential benefits.

Here are recipe instructions for making one of the best herbal teas for bloating, gas and stomach problems in your kitchen.

Homemade Ginger Tea Instructions

  1. Get a fresh rhizome that looks plump and healthy without too many wrinkles. Wrinkled roots are old and won’t be as potent with volatile oils.
  2. Cut off a half inch piece of ginger for a milder strength tea or a full inch for a stronger cup. Scrub the skin under hot water or peel it if you like (I rarely bother to save time).
  3. Carefully cut the washed root into thin slices with a sharp knife or grate it finely and place it in a large mug.
  4. Heat up water in your kettle but turn it off just before it boils. You want the water to be hot and steaming but not quite boiling.
  5. Pour hot water into the cup with the thinly sliced root and cover it with a small plate or similar. This helps retain both heat and the important volatile oils.
  6. Steep for 5 minutes for milder tasting tea and 10 to 15 minutes for a stronger flavored brew. Strain if so desired.
  7. Sip it slowly and enjoy the tea either just before or during a meal, particularly one that could give you digestive problems later on. Ginger is also a highly effective remedy for nausea and heartburn.

Why This Recipe Provides the Most Benefits

Some methods for making ginger tea call for boiling the root in an open saucepan for long periods. While this may get more ginger flavor into the water, it’s also likely to destroy the healthy volatile oils like gingerol with excessive heat.

You need steaming hot water to release the potent compounds from the ginger root, but not so much that they start to evaporate and break down.

Traditional resources recommend keeping water temperature below 100°C for preserving the essential oils. Given this, I’d recommend following the recipe for ginger tea above closely for the most digestive and weight loss benefits.

The ideal time to drink it is just before or during a difficult to digest meal. It can also be used as an effective natural remedy whenever you experience bloating, intestinal cramps or gassiness.

Ginger Uses

There’s much more on using ginger for digestive problems here, as well as how it soothes an upset stomach and prevents nausea. This potent herb can even be used as a natural weight loss aid.

How do you like to make ginger tea, fresh from the root or with powdered ginger teabags? I’d also be interested to hear your opinion on how it well works for you.

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