Natural Cures for Bloating, Stomach Cramps and Bad Gas

Welcome to Flatulence Cures. Here you’ll find detailed information on what causes flatulence and other intestinal problems, fast-acting home remedies for excessive gas and how to dramatically improve your digestive system — the foundation of a healthy and energetic life.

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You can read some of the most popular articles on intestinal health improvement, effective bloating and gas remedies, and common causes of stomach cramps, belly bloat and embarrassing farting below.

More Natural Remedies for Flatulence

Common Causes of Belly Bloat, Intestinal Pain & Excessive Gas

Learn which specific foods, drinks and practices are damaging your digestion and leading to an upset stomach, painful cramps, a bloated tummy, embarrassing farts and other common symptoms of an unhealthy digestive system.

More Causes of Bloating & Bad Gas

Featured Natural Remedy: Ginger Tea

How Soda & Coffee Damage Digestion

Here’s why drinking soda and coffee can cause tummy cramps, intestinal pain and even IBS or diarrhea, plus simple ways to quit them without side effects like caffeine withdrawal headaches.


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