Natural Cures for Bloating, Stomach Cramps & Bad Gas

Welcome to Flatulence Cures. Here you’ll find detailed information on what causes flatulence and other intestinal problems, fast-acting home remedies for excessive gas and how to dramatically improve your digestive system — the foundation of a healthy and energetic life.

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Common Causes of Belly Bloat, Intestinal Cramps & Excessive Flatulence

Learn which specific foods, drinks and practices are damaging your digestion and leading to an upset stomach, painful cramps, a bloated tummy, embarrassing gas and other symptoms of an unhealthy digestive system.

More Causes of Bloating & Bad Gas

How Soda & Coffee Damage Digestion

Here’s the surprising reasons why soda and coffee can cause tummy cramps, intestinal pain and even IBS or diarrhea, plus a simple way to quit them without side effects like caffeine withdrawal headaches.


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