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What Causes Bloating, Bad Gas and other Digestive Problems and What to Avoid to Stop Farting

12 Fruits That Cause Gas and a List of Non-Gassy Fruit Alternatives

Healthy fruits taste great and provide valuable antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Unfortunately, certain fruits eaten in excess can also be a hidden cause of gas, bloating, stomach ache and intestinal cramps for many people. If you are experiencing digestive problems and are wondering whether a certain type of fruit could be the culprit, […]

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14 Vegetables That Cause Gas and Less Gassy Alternatives

Vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. Regular intake is associated with a lower risk of many serious conditions and they provide a wide range of nutritional benefits. Unfortunately eating too much of certain vegetables can also cause bad gas and other digestive issues like belly bloat, intestinal cramps and even diarrhea. If […]

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Lactose Sensitivity: Why Milk Makes You Fart and How to Stop It

Lactose sensitivity is a very common cause of digestive problems, such as bloating, intestinal cramps and excessive gas. A person who is sensitive to lactose (the sugar in milk) will often experience gastrointestinal issues soon after consuming dairy products, or one of the many other hidden sources of milk sugar. Ahead is what causes lactose […]

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7 Smart Food Swaps: High Gas Foods and Non-Gassy Alternatives

Here’s why it’s so important to give your digestive tract a break from high gas foods if you are suffering from bloating, tummy cramps, excessive flatulence and other symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. Ahead you’ll find 7 smart food swaps you can easily make, from the most gassy foods and drinks to low gas alternatives, for […]

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Gluten Sensitivity: Why Wheat Causes Bloating and Bad Gas

Here’s why high gluten foods, like wheat bread, breakfast cereal and pasta, can irritate your intestinal lining and are causing digestive problems for a growing number of people. Following this is a list of foods that contain the most gluten and a corresponding list of gluten-free alternatives, including grain based foods. Also ahead, how to […]

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Why Sugar Alcohols Cause Gas, Bloating and Diarrhea

As the epidemic of obesity and other disorders of excess sugar consumption have taken their toll, consumers have looked for ways to lower their calorie intake. Food manufacturers have taken notice and many have turned to alternative sweeteners for their products. Sugar alcohols, like sorbitol, maltitol, xylitol and est sugar alcohol , emerged with the […]

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