Coffee and Digestion: 8 Digestive Problems with Coffee

7 Digestive Problems with Coffee

After doing the research for this post, I gave up coffee. I’m done with it. I took the last I had to work as an offering to the caffeine addicts there and replaced it with a caffeine-free, coffee tasting substitute I’ll share ahead. It was actually easier than I’d expected. Giving up their daily caffeine […]

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How to Drink More Water for Better Digestion

While most people know that they should drink more water throughout the day, up to 75 percent of the US population are estimated to be chronically dehydrated. This isn’t really surprising, with Americans now buying more diuretic soda than water, but this dehydration extracts a heavy cost on both your health and your appearance. Here’s […]

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Fennel Seeds Benefits for Gas, Bloating, Cramps, IBS, GERD and Much More


Fennel seeds are an amazing natural trapped gas remedy with many benefits for better digestive function and overall good health. Eating these potent little medicinal seeds regularly can be especially beneficial for treating gastrointestinal problems like abdominal bloating, intestinal cramps, IBS and excessive flatulence. Here’s how the seeds of the fennel plant improve digestion and […]

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Lactose Sensitivity and Why Milk Causes Gas


Lactose sensitivity is a very common cause of digestive problems. A person who is sensitive to the lactose in milk will often experience symptoms such as bloating, intestinal cramps and excessive gas after consuming dairy products. Ahead is what causes lactose sensitivity and intolerance, how to know if it’s affecting you, what foods and drinks […]

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Why Beans Make You Fart & What to Do About It

Baked beans gas

Most people know that beans like pinto beans, black beans, navy beans and baked beans make you fart. But just why do these popular legumes make your body so gassy? Also, if you still choose to eat beans, which are actually quite a healthy and high fiber food, how can you greatly minimize the amount […]

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Where to Buy Fennel Tea Online

Buy fennel herbal tea

Fennel tea is an exceptional aid to digestion and of great benefit in the treatment of gastrointestinal problems like bloating, stomach cramps, IBS and excessive flatulence. This page lists where to buy fennel tea, whole fennel seeds, capsules and extracts that are both high in the important volatile oils and at the lowest prices I […]

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Where to Buy Activated Charcoal

Bulk Activated Charcoal Powder

Activated charcoal is relatively inexpensive for just how effective it is at relieving gastrointestinal problems and absorbing toxins from our body. This page lists the best places I’ve found to get activated charcoal online in easy to take capsules and bulk food-grade powder. Tablets or Capsules? Activated charcoal tablets are popular but I personally prefer and […]

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